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How to Organize an Open-Garden Event

Open-garden events are very popular in England and they are without a doubt quite unique. Organizing an event like this is not complicated at all as long as you follow the right steps. It can actually be quite fun not to mention the great satisfaction you will get when you will see the result. We will show you in this article how to organize an open-garden event.

Do Some Research

Some research will definitely help you be creative and obtain an excellent result. Therefore, take your time and do some online research in order to see how other events of this type looked like. You can either choose an idea that someone else had or you can just come up with your own brilliant and unique plan. However, a research is always helpful.

Make Sure the Entire Place Looks Perfect

Open-garden events can be organized in many different ways. The most important thing of all is to make sure that the entire garden is clean and well-maintained. If there is a lawn then you must make sure it is not over watered and that the grass is recently cut and it has the right height. You need to know exactly how many people are going to come to this event so that you can bring enough chairs and tables. In case the weather is not very nice, then a tent is a must. You certainly don’t want your guests to get wet in case it starts to rain. Carefully and beautifully arrange all the food plates and drinks.

Create a Corner for Children

It is very important to do this because there will certainly come visitors with children. By creating this corner for the little ones, the parents will have plenty of time to just enjoy the party and the garden that has just been opened. This will also allow you, as an owner, to discuss with them more detailed about what you have to offer. You will not need too much stuff, just some interesting toys and games that will keep the kids busy for a while.

Don’t Forget About Publicity

In case the event is not only for certain guests but for locals, then you must not forget about publicity. When planning publicity, keep in mind that glossy magazines work around 4 months in advance, local newspapers around 10 days, and local radio around 3 weeks in advance. If you have a limited budget then you could try to promote the event on social media. By sharing flyers you will also let people know about the event. Your announcement should be short and precise. If it is too long and too detailed people will not be attracted and most of them will not attend the event. Just tell what is happening there, the exact location, time, and date. A phone number and an email address should also be provided.

Organizing an open-garden event is something challenging yet quite exciting. If you carefully follow the above steps you will certainly manage to obtain the desired result.

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