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English gardens are by far the most interesting and beautiful ones in the entire world. It is a known fact that English people absolutely love spending as much time as possible outdoors, and that’s actually the main reason why they have plenty of parks and gardens, not to mention the woods created by them in some of the big cities. For example, London has several woods where you can either jog, cycle, or just walk and enjoy the fresh air and nature. However, when it comes to residential gardens, British people tend to keep the same pattern. You will often see here the same flowers and trees but in a different design. We will show you in this article some of the best UK garden landscaping ideas which you can easily put into practice. (more…)

How to Organize an Open-Garden Event

Open-garden events are very popular in England and they are without a doubt quite unique. Organizing an event like this is not complicated at all as long as you follow the right steps. (more…)

The Most Beautiful Gardens in England

There is no doubt that English people love spending time outdoors, surrounded by nature. This is the reason why they have so many parks, botanical gardens, and so on. In Great Britain, you can also find some stunning gardens and this is exactly what we are going to discuss in this article. We will show you the most beautiful gardens in England, where you can certainly live an amazing experience.

Biddulph Grange Garden, Staffordshire

You can find this unique garden in Staffordshire. It was actually the brainchild of James Bateman, a wealthy British landowner, who attempted to create a few of the faraway landscapes he witnesses in the 19th century. Nowadays, you can still see a series of exotic displays. In the China Garden, you will see the oldest surviving golden larch and a red pagoda that looms over the pond. The whole place is very peaceful and quiet, and therefore, excellent for anyone who is looking to escape from the busy and noisy city.

Hidcote Manor Garden, Gloucestershire

This garden is absolutely amazing. Once you are in this place you will actually step back in time, in the 17th century. There is a series of doorways and each of them reveals a succession of distinctive and intricate mini gardens. The effect is similar to when you take a walk through the maze in Alice in Wonderland. There are deep green lawns, bright bunches of flowers, and a glasshouse. Everything here is waiting for you to explore it. You can either travel with your partner or with the entire family, as we are sure that the little ones will fully enjoy this garden. However, if you don’t have a companion but still want t visit the Hidcote Manor Garden then we recommend you to hire an English escort. Many of these girls can also be paid for company. Hire a girl and ask her to come with you to this place and many more in order to not feel alone and enjoy your trip to England. You can read the reviews of the top escorts on .

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Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall

This garden was once abandoned, and after decades of neglect has actually been restored in the 1990. It is at the moment one of the most popular gardens in the United Kingdom. There is not more and not less than a 200-acre plot filled with jungle walks full of tropical plants, a collection of lakes, and even a farm with cows, sheep, geese, and ducks. Families with children are most welcome to this location, which is without a doubt a lovely and peaceful one.

Sheffield Park, East Sussex

In case you are heading to Brighton from London, then you should stop at this amazing and peaceful 18th-century estate garden. The rare trees you will have the chance to see here are without a doubt unique. The best time to visit this place is during later summer and fall due to the fact that there is an explosion of colors that transforms the entire garden into a truly magical place.

Must –Have Gardening Tools

Anyone who is passionate about gardening must definitely own some essential tools in order to maintain the garden properly and make it look absolutely amazing at all times. However, if you are a beginner and you have no idea what you actually need for this activity then we are sure you will find this article extremely useful. (more…)